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Topocrom Systems AG:

Topocrom® -
Plants for the
Steel Industry

Demands of the steel industry

Work rolls for skin passing mill

  • Characteristic and properties of roll texture
  • Cost-efficient process for texturing work rolls
  • Lifetime of textured work rolls in production
  • schedule free rolling

Texturing of metal sheet

Advantages for the skin passing process

The TOPOCROM® textured metal sheet surface shows stochastically distributed cavities transferred by the skin pass roll. This sheet surface is especially characterized by variable surface topographies.

Advantages of TOPOCROM® textured metal sheet:

  • long service life of work rolls
  • high variability of the metal sheet structure
  • Excellent painting and forming behaviour
  • low long and short waviness

Work rolls

Quality and service life

  • Very low Roughness Decrease and therefore long Life Time due to Hemispherical Surface Structure, Multilayer Design and due to the Hardness of Hard Chromium Coatings
  • 3 - 5 times longer Life Time compared to EDT Rolls (+ hard chromium plated)
  • Constant Product Quality with TOPOCROM Rolls from the beginning (no running in-time) High pressure cleaning of working rolls during operation is necessary

Schedule Free Rolling

with TOPOCROM® rolls 

In applications with many roll changes, schedule free rolling is possible.

technical data:

  • width: 1880 – 900 mm
  • thickness: 2,0 – 0,35 mm
  • max. skin-pass speed: 175 n/min
  • wet skin pass only
  • inline roll cleaning
  • high pressure 200 bar

work roll performance:

  • 6.000 to (high-strenght steele)
  • 30.000 to (normal qualities)